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QUESTION: Can ivermectin tablet 10mg be administered on daily basis to a dog of 6 months .my vet prescribed one ivermectin tablet daily for 30 question is ....can it be given every day for 30 days.
Bcoz i have heard it is given fortnightly or on monthly basis.
Please clear my doubt.

ANSWER: If you are using it for treating demodex mange, then it is proper to use it daily.  For heartworm prevention it is used once every 30 days.

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QUESTION: Sir what is the maximum duration of daily ivermectin dosage for treating demodex mange as I have already given it for continuous 30 days one and a half tablet OD and age of my pitbull dog is 6 months.

ANSWER: The dose is up to 600 micrograms once a day.  It can be given for a long time without causing any problems.  The drug is absorbed and excreted in about 8-12 hours and then it is gone.

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QUESTION: Sir as u say that the dose is up to 600 micrograms once a day...but my vet has prescribed 15 miligram(mg)NOT mcg to my 6 month pitbull on daily basis.
Can it cause any harm or is it ok 15 mg as OD dosage for 30 days.Kindly clearify in detail.

1mg is 1000 mcg   You are giving a 15mg tablet, which is 15,000 mcg per day. That is a huge amount!!! As far as what to give your puppy, that is something you will need to discuss with your vet.  I cannot prescribe for a dog that I have never personally examined.

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