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Good Evening Dr.

My husband and I have a 2 1/2 old mastiff who it 200lbs and his name is Duke. Tonight I recognized a few darker scab looking small patches on him. He has one above his left shoulder that is about a dime size or smaller and one above his tail that is about a dime size as well. They don't seem to itch or bother him at all. The one above his shoulder was a little sore when I was poking around looking at it, but as soon as I stopped messing with him he was fine. He has no hair loss and it is not red. It looks like it their is a little bit of dried serous fluid/pus around the darker scab. the only other thing I can think of is a few weeks ago we found one in his ear 1/2 the size of a dime. It didn't seem to bother him so we decided to see if it got bigger/smaller or any other changes. It seems to have improved and looks more like a scar than a scab now and has not grown in size. None of these scabs have a smell or anything and we treat duke for fleas/ticks and heart worms every month. He is an indoor dog and was just given a bath last Friday (no scabs recognized expect the ear one). Thanks for your help!

Laura Surprenant

These could be pustules that rupture leaving these round hairless areas. That is pretty common in dogs.  If the lesions are not active, then there is not much to do except to keep them clean.  If they become more numerous, then your vet may need to look at them.

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