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Hi, I operate a Miniature Schnauzer Rescue and am a fellow expert here on this site. Last week I took an 8 lb. female Mini Schnauz into my rescue. She has healed large claw hole injuries on both sides of her torso (presumably she was picked up by a large bird and dropped). She was treated by a vet in eastern Iowa for her injuries at the time, which was about a month ago.

Last week the day before I picked her up (Sunday) she was treated with Strongit for hookworm. She had quite a bad case, she had bloody diarrhea that started on Monday. I gave her famotidine and Pepto as I'd been taught to do with prior dogs with hookworms. Her diarrhea has resolved and she seems much perkier now, going potty as normal.

My question is this: she makes a tiny whimper noise anytime you hold her. It seems as though she is pain of some sort - could she still have bruised ribs after a month? Also her little tummy seems very firm to me.  Any insight would be appreciated. She does not seem in serious distress of any kind - it's just a faint whimper sound, barely audible. But I know how good dogs are at hiding their pain, so I am concerned.  Thanks for your help.

With injuries as she sustained, there is a lot of scar tissue that developed during her healing phase.  That means that the skin and the muscles are not the same as before the trauma.  It would not surprise me if she still has pain from movement where the scar tissue is pulling on something causing the pain and the whimper.  Bruised ribs can last for months, especially if there are cracks that have to heal.

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