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My 19 month old male German Shepard has had some drainage from his right eye for a few days. Tonight there was blood around the same eye. It looks like he may may have cut it but I am unsure. I am worried it may have come from his eye.  Is there anything that would cause this to happen if it turns out it isn't a cut?

Drainage from the eye usually indicates irritation to the eye.  The normal response is for the eye to produce more tears to wash the irritant away. There are also injuries that can come from trauma to cause the discharge and the bleeding.  Either the dog is rubbing the eye from an irritant or a foreign body being lodged there.  Sometimes the structures surrounding the eye have been injured.  Sometimes a growth of tissue around the eyelids can cause the bleeding.  The vet would have to examine the dog and determine what type of problem is causing the blood.

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