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I am having trouble finding a product that repels fleas and mosquitoes from biting my two dogs.  I keep frontline or advantage on them, but thanks to several irresponsible dog owners in my neighborhood, there are fleas galore outside.  Because of flooding around my community, the mosquitoes are horrible.  My dogs suffer from flea allergies.  They don't stay outside long, mainly to do there business, but I find bites on them.  They itch and itch!  What products would be good for this?  Thank you so much for your time!

If you can find a product called COMFORTIS, that is the best flea control product that I have ever used in 35 years of veterinary practice. It is a pill that works better and lasts longer than any of the topicals, like Frontline or Advantage, especially in flea allergic dogs.  None of the flea products are repellants, so you have to control the fleas in your yard as well as in your house with insecticides.

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