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QUESTION: Sir I have 6 months old pitbull puppy.
It was treated with cephalexin and ivermectin for demodex mange.
But smell from his skin has not gone.
Outer look is totally healthy,but there is smell(like that of rotten type)from his skin inspite of getting him cleaned with shampoo and soap.
What could be the reason?Please clarify in detail sir.

ANSWER: With demoxed mange, there is often a bacterial infection as well as a discharge from the skin oil glands.  Even though he was on cephalexin, that needs to be continued for several weeks.  In addition, a good shampoo that will take off the oily layer and the dead skin cells should be used.  These are normally sold as seborrheic shampoos.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: pimple like erruptions are again coming on my dog skin(NOT MOSQUITO BITES).
They are not red in color.
Sir my question is that after treatment with cephalexin and ivermectin for 30 days ,why these eruptions are again coming.
These eruptions are not wet but simple dry scaly type eruptions.
Please clarify in detail sir.

Even after 30 days of ivermectin, the puppy may still have demodex mange mites.  Has your vet rechecked the puppy to see if there are still mange mites present?  As long as the mites are still present, the skin may erupt with bacterial infecion (folliculitis). There are also other reasons for bacterial pyoderma like food allergies and other allergies to environmental materials.  Many dogs need to stay on antibiotics for a long time.

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