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Hello, I have a question for you regarding my three year old americn staffordshire terrier mix, McGraidey. We have been bringing our dogs to the beach with us since they were just 11 weeks old. They love the sand, water and sun. However, after being on the beach the past few days, our little girl has developed a bad sunburn on her pink nose, which has never halpened before. There is a part of it about the size of a dime that does not seem to be scabbing up, and is oozing. While we do have baby sunscreen, they lick off anything that goes onto their noses. I have tried to apply boo boo gel from lapdog, which has aloe vera in it, bug she continues to lick it off. How can I help it heal, not get infected, and ensure that she is okay and that there are no other factors pertaining to her burn? (I.e. heat exhaustion, etc.) We have stayed indoors today and most of the day yesterday, however, the burn still remains open. Also wondering if the burn should call for a vet visit. Thank you for any advice!

Sunscreen works well for dogs.  You might need to use something very thick like zinc oxide for the nose or you can use a dark dye on the hair to prevent a burn on the nose.  It may take a while for the nasal burn to go away.  The dog may need a steroid injection and tablets in addition to being kept inside for 10 days or so.

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