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She is the nicest dog you would ever meet. She is walking in circles,can't hardly walk,hasn't eaten much in the last 48 hours. The white of her eyes are red and she's slobbering heavily. Please help my fiance has had her since he was a child and is so upset seeing her suffering with no way to help.

Older dogs that walk in circles either have something called old dog vestibular syndrome (dizziness from the inner ear) or they have some type of central neurological problem, like a brain abnormality or inflammation.  Your vet would need to make that type of determination.  One thing you can do is to use something for seasickness called BONINE (meclizine), which is available over the counter.  That can help relieve the vestibular symptoms in some cases.  Old dog vestibular disease will go away in a few days to a week, but central brain problems do not go away easily.

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