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I adopted a dog from the ASPCA and he was sent home on Doxycycline . However after completing that he was still coughing and hacking. Mostly in the mornings and when excited. So I took him in and they prescribed Azithromycin  250 mg once a day for 5 days then one pill every other day for 5days. Is that common dosing in dogs? I know in humans antibiotics should be taken everyday for the whole prescription or risk creating a super infection resistant to the antibiotic . Is that not the case in dogs? Is every other day ok for them?

The coughing is probably from a variety of viruses and possibly some bacteria.  The antibiotics only get some of the bacteria.  Both doxycycline and Azithromycin work well for Bordetella bacteria.  Azithromycin has a very long half life and can be dosed intermittently. The viral disease just needs to run its course.

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