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Doctor - We have a 7 year old Maine Coon that in the past week I noticed some hair loss on his back.  The spot is the size of a US quarter and appears to be getting larger.  He does not appear to be bothered by it, not scratching and the spot is not sensitive nor inflamed.  Our kitty is strictly an indoor cat except for the occasional 10 minutes on the balcony.  There are sometimes bird droppings on the balcony.  

We live in Warsaw, Poland and the last time he saw a vet was before we became ex-patriots 22 months ago.  

Also, as the winters here are very cold, the heat runs constantly.  This dries out his scalp and there is a lot of static electricity when I brush him.

Any suggestions on the hair loss and how to help reduce the static electricity this winter?  My wife is currently in the States and could bring back some products if needed and as directed.

Appreciate any guidance since we do not speak the language here in Poland.


Sometimes in cats, these small solitary areas of hair loss can be associated with any type of shot that may have been given in that area.  Even from 2 years ago, there may be a vasculitis reaction that is just now showing up.  Rabies shots and steroids are notorious for that. There is no treatment for that. One other cause could be a ringworm infection.  Antifungal medication may help if it is a ringworm lesion.

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