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my cat cutie
my cat cutie  
QUESTION: hello,
my cat has a rash like thig on her face and her neck and belly,she also has stoped useing the litter box .she still eats and drinks water .she likes to sit in the window.She scraches at them and it hurts ive cliped her nails to try to help ive swiched her food and still no change.Ive also tryed putting a litter box where she goes to the bathroom there the boxes with no cap .i tryed to put her in it and shes afraid of she wont even stand in it. please help me ive tryed everything.

ANSWER: The rash that you are describing is typical of an allergic dermatitis.  It is called miliary dermatitis.  This is usually a reaction to flea bites, but there are many things that can cause allergic skin diseases in cats.  You should take the cat to a vet for a long acting steroid shot called DepoMedrol to give her some relief from the itching.

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QUESTION: Thank you, we have two other cats that dont have any problems. We dont have fleas. she's an indoor cat. We brought her to the vet twice and they gave her a shot and some medicine, the meds were called amoxi drops and clindrops. The sores came back both times, is there any thing that will make it stay gone? She never had a problem before... its been going on for like 3 months weve been wiping it with a cool and sometimes warm wash cloth and putting some neosporin on it to make her comfortable.

Amoxi and clindrops are both antibiotics.  It is rare for cats to get skin infections from allergies.  Ask the vet for a shot of DepoMedrol to see if that helps.  There is also an oral liquid medicine called Atopica for Cats that may help reliever her itching.

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