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Question daughter and her friend just bought an 8 week old Yorkie puppy from a mall pet store yesterday.  The poor little guy seems to be sneezing a lot and definitely congested in the nose/head area and possibly a little in the chest (of it's moving in that direction).  Could this be just a puppy cold? Allergies? Is there anything I should watch for in order to determine if it is becoming more serious or needs medical attention?  He seems to play fine, and though we've only had him approximately 24 hrs. he seems to be eating and drinking ok.  His poops are not diarrhea, but the consistency of soft serve ice cream.  The store said he had just been to the vet, so I am hoping this is something we can handle at home and not something that was missed...? Also, on a side note...they said he has been neutered...? that possible in a puppy that young??  Thanks for your time, and any help you can give would be appreciated.

I hope that you got a guarantee with him and also a free vet visit because I wouldn't trust what they say about him having just been to the vets. You need to take him to YOUR vet and have an impartial person look him over.

I'm sorry but I don't trust ANY pet store as they ALL buy from puppy mills, unless there is a local nearby breeding and selling these dogs. Usually that isn't the case as they cannot afford what the local breeders want and then make a profit.

It's really hard to say what he has, could be just from being in the store and the bedding or something.

Get him on some high quality food such as Science Diet Small breed Puppy growth and that will help him become stronger and help him immune system.

If he was neutered at 7 weeks old that is really a shame because they never develop properly and they can have all kinds of problems later in life. He probably was but you will just have to keep watching and see if his testicles drop. You wouldn't see anything now. If he was, he should have a really small scar at the base where his penis is that would be where they remove the testes.

I really hope that he isn't from a puppy mill for your daughter's sake but I have worked in these stores and I know what they do and what they don't tell you.

Get him in to see a regular vet if he doesn't stop sneezing after two days and please get him on some decent food. Do NOT feed him Purina Puppy Chow or any food that claims to be for that breed. It's just a marketing hype.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about food and please let me know how he is doing. He still needs about three more vaccinations, his heartworm medication monthly and a rabies vaccination at 4 months old.  

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