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Hi Christina,

My 12 year old male Beagle has always been very healthy.  Very energetic, in fact he looks about 5 years old, visited the Vet regularly, had annual teeth cleaning, vaccinations, anal glands expressed, etc.  About 2 weeks ago or so, he suddenly started acting differently... Lethargic, not wanting to eat, vomiting (no major diarrhea, just slightly with some slime)but mostly firm "normal", yet some has grass in it. I have seen him run out to some grassy areas in the yard and eat quite a bit of grass.  He has been losing weight due to the lack of appetite.  He appears to want to eat, but generally when he does, he vomits. I brought him to the Vet last week and a complete blood panel was done along with full body x-rays.  The results showed that he is very healthy, no liver, kidney, heart or any other major organ problems. He did show the possibility of a minor hypothyroid condition, which is odd because his symptoms show more of a dog with hyperthyroidism.  The Vet also expressed his anal glands and expressed two handfuls of thick brownish / grey bile. The Vet said that was due to him not having an expression in several years and did not seem to be concerned. I would suspect as my previous Vets from when I lived in California, that she would have tested his stools and urine?  I have done an immense amount of research and his condition could be a number of things, from irritable bowl syndrome, intestinal problems, anal gland condition (since I learned that the thick brownish / grey bile is most likely a sign of infection, it is not normal). Since the vet visit I have also expressed more of the thick bile from his anal glands.  Maybe cancer, or he did eat some clumping cat litter, so perhaps the cat litter is stuck in his large and or small intestines?  The Vets in Las Vegas, sad to say, only want money, which is no problem, but to just do test after test with no answers or remedies is beyond disheartening and frustrating. I lost my other male Beagle last year due to the lack of concern from the Vets here, as I went to 3 different Vets that time. Just 5 days ago I reached out to my neighbor 2 houses away who is a Holistic Vet and she basically said she was leaving to go out of town in two days and was busy! This is a Vet who even does house calls and did not seem to care.  So I am doing my best with the resources I have and have been giving him pedialyte and force feeding him with a syringe a mix of white jasmine rice, coconut oil and little bit of meat and veggies.  This has been helping a bit, but then yesterday he began vomiting again.  Any help, insight and or guidance will be greatly appreciated, as there is clearly a greater problem here.


I am so sorry your neighbor vet was not more responsive, but we are people, too and sometimes have really bad days that we regret later, so definitely seek her out in the future.
Unfortunately much of what you have done (vaccines, commercial food, flea chemicals, etc, may possibly be now contributing to a break down of the immune system). You did the very best you know how to do (and some dogs are fine with all that) but now it is time, as you seem to be trying, to begin the holistic route. Please email me at to let me know the name of the vet neighbor so I can let you know if she is worth pursuing in the future.

For now, there are some good holistic vets in Vegas, so do contact each one of them to find the best match. Joanne Stephanatos is a true healer, though due to age, may be out of practice now or have limited hours.

1. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine:, &
2. Homeopathic veterinarians (these can often help you by phone if no other holistic practitioners are nearby that you like): and
3. Chiropractor -
4. Wide range of other treatments:, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and   

Next, if you are not already doing Reiki, please start that. I am assuming you are familiar with this energy based healing that can be done from afar.
1. Great information on Reiki - Kathleen Prasad is a wonderful teacher and works with my favorite sanctuary and holistic education center, BrightHaven Kathleen leads a free monthly telechat for anyone trained in Reiki and using it with animals.
3. If you cannot find a Reiki Class near you (same class for people and animals as it connects you through an "attunement" to the healing energy of the universe, making you a channel of healing), the following groups offer long distance, free, attunements.

       c. offers free Reiki attunements, classes and training on-line         and animal classes, too
       d. Long distance healing and training is at  
       e. Christine at, To receive free distance Reiki send her your first name only, city and state, and whether or not you have had any Reiki training.  She invites you to include your pets as well.  She uses a teddy bear and does a full body Reiki distance treatment for one hour each Sunday evening from 9 p.m. until 10 p.m. EST.
4. has articles and Maryland holistic practitioners listed.
5.  .  is a great practitioner in Maryland who knows a lot about cats.
6. Get a free treatment for yourself at

Another wonderful healer, Deena Spears works long distance with Sound Tuning. I have seen many animals and the people in a home be healed by her work.

And a team of over 100 healers will send free healing energy until you say not to. Email Barbara at with your healing request, name of animal, species, color & age. In the subject say request through Dr. Chambreau

THIRD - no more tests now.
The holistic philosophy has taught me that there is an underlying vibrational imbalance that causes most problems and the healing goal is to resolve that imbalance with treatments selected for that individual animal, so do not worry (at least for now) about a diagnosis. Do not spend more money that direction. To better understand this perspective, read the first few chapters of Don Hamilton's Homeopathic Care of Cats and Dogs or the few pages in my book, the Healthy Animal's Journal. Now that the multitude of holistic modalities is available, I can tell you to never give up. Try one after the other, and record the changes with each. Each holistic vet and healer in town can offer you different approaches, so you will need to intuitively figure which ones are best.

Very importantly, check to see if your electric company has changed your old “analog” electric meter (it has 4 little discs that spin and a man stops monthly to read it) for a “smart meter” or “digital meter” – looks like a computer. These can cause severe health problems or worsen current ones. Opt out of getting one.

for the vomiting, try marshmallow root from the health food store - 1 teaspoon of the ground root in 1 C of boiling water. Stir till cooled. It should feel slippery - if not add more. Mix 1/2 teaspoon with something your animal likes to eat - 3-4 times a day.  

also a probiotic would be good to add. I like this one. Mitomax is a super probiotic. I have had many animals' diarrhea clear up while using this, thought sometimes they need to stay on it. Unlike other probiotics, it is very stable and is ok at the low stomach pH.

Happy Tummy ( is great for for any digestive upset.  Flower essences are totally safe and can be used as long and as frequently as they seem to help. Other flower essence companies have combinations for animals include;; Many other companies with single remedies can help you select essences. They are totally safe. Remember that using a journal will help you figure out what is helping the most.

Feeding. Pedialyte is good, but Wysong has a product (PDG) that is full of nutrition, vitamins and probiotics. There are great digestive herbs made by reputable companies as well. continue with force feeding. I would make a concentrated chicken broth with coconut oil. Alfalfa juice and aloe vera juice (organic, of course) are good to soothe the stomach and stimulate appetite. I searched the companies in town and most sites did not list their products.
Paw prints - henderson - seems very family run and personal. I would also just google holistic pet stores and call each one. It is too early for me to call from the east coast.

Try some acupressure (totally safe). go to and read down to find the nausea or other symptoms, then go back a few pages for instructions on gently pressing and rubbing in the area of the point.  

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