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Good day, Ms. Eloise. I just became a pet owner to my kitten, Chiyo and I'm having troubles already. When she first came to our house, she doesn't have any illness except she had an umbilical hernia. I researched things about kittens until now although I'm being confused about things. I knew (from wikiHow) that she was only 2-3 weeks old when I took her in. She didn't have that sharp teeth behind so I assumed she was 2-3 weeks old and it was October 4 back then so right now, you could say that she's 6-7 weeks old. I fed her Maxwell's pet milk because in our country (I am from the Philippines) we don't have KMR in our supermarket. I fed her with that milk using a dropper. A week after that, I tried to feed her mashed rice with that milk too. Another week passed by, she vomited the milk and mashed rice but she's still good weeks after. I fed her fish, chicken and pork; all cooked and bits of rice. She was fine but I was kinda scared because she's still not gaining a muscle. I don't have any weighing scale in our house so I can't really say if she's gaining weight or not. She's still fine because she's so very active when it comes to playing. I always put her in my bed and she pounces and bites me and my Dog which is a stuff toy. Recently, her stool went so very smelly and it's a "pudding-like". It's yellow in color then she vomited what she ate. It's already a day now and I'm very worried about her. I bought her Friskies and continued to read on stuffs. I read that some pet owner's kittens enjoyed it but I also read that it's the worst food to give to a cat. I gave her Friskies that was "soupy" which is crushed and watery. She happily ate some parts of it. I'm really sorry for the long backstory. I don't want to be a douche, but you might probably say that I should be visiting my local vet. I know a very near vet clinic from our house, but I'm not so sure of it. I'm still a college student and right now, I don't have sufficient funds to take her to a trusted vet which is a 2 hour travel from our house and even taking her to the nearest vet clinic. Am I taking care of her properly? I know I should be feeding her chicken, but our mother buys it once in a week. We always have fish as our main dish (or viand) for our lunch and dinner and she doesn't want scrambled eggs anymore for her breakfast. Pork is always our dish for weekends. I've been feeding her fish and pork but not as a table leftovers. I personally get her some fish or pork from our lunch and chop it to small bits and feed it to her.  Is it good to feed her Friskies right now? I have read some guide, but it really doesn't point things out properly when it comes to feeding. How can she gain some muscle? She's somewhat thin, but I'm really concerned of how she looks. I just want her a bit fat like a normal kitten. Please, tell me what should I feed her and how should I care for her. I might buy her some kitten food, but it'll just add to my debt to my sister. Plus, I'm planning to buying another litter box and a scooper. We only have one litter box for her and I also read that I should a litter box + 1 for every cat I have. Thanks in advance and I'm really sorry for the trouble. I'm just really worried about my kitten. I attached her picture as well.

Hi Louie,
Thank you for all the information. Congratulations on your little kitten. Have you wormed her? Kittens need to be wormed every 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks old. Are there any pet supply places nearby you could get a kitten wormer from? Even the dodgy local vet would have some fairly inexpensive stuff I would imagine.

Ideally she probably needs a bit more of a balanced diet, but so long as she is getting plenty of meat she is probably okay food wise. Cats are carnivores, so thrive on meat. The Friskies might help her put on some weight, but ideally a kitten food would be good.

Many kittens are very skinny when they are growing, if she is active and playful you may not need to worry too much. But do give her a wormer.

Hope that helps


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