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A few days ago my cat appeared with a small wound on her shoulder blade, it looked like a burn but it has since closed up. Since then she's also had two more weird burn looking sores on her leg and arm. She has many of them under the ears. None of the wounds have inflamed or gotten any bigger, I'm just concerned about wounds appearing randomly on her skin. There is nothing for her to be fighting with and we don't have any fleas as she is an inside cat. She behaves normally and she's around ten months old. She hasn't been scratching or biting at the spots, but if I gently touch them she licks them. I thought she may be allergic to something but the sores are very small and in different areas of her body. Also I would like to know if what she has could be contagious because we have another cat that is an outside cat, they rarely ever see each other but I don't want to risk him contracting whatever it is.

As far as the skin wounds, she may be scratching the skin against something as she lurks around the house.  As far as being contagious, you would have to have her examined to see if she has something that can spread, like ringworm.  I cannot tell you that on the internet.

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