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Ask the Veterinarian/Another question about Puppy's skin- Thanks in advance!


Hello again Dr. Gotthelf and thank you in advance again for your time and help. I actually have another question for you. My 4 month old German Shepherd puppy just got his rabies vaccination and a lymes disease vaccination this past Friday. Yesterday I noticed while brushing him that he had an irritated spot under his front, right "arm-pit" area. It looks swollen and red compared to his other "arm-pit" and he has been licking it since yesterday. This morning it seemed less irritated but after licking it today it's back to having a redness to it. He is also biting and scratching in random places though he is on NexGard and I have not seen any sign of fleas. Under his right leg near his groin area is a touch of patchy, brown, scaliness that is not on the other side. Is he having a reaction to the vaccine or something else perhaps? Should I get him to the vet for a check on this? (His food contains the following as the first ingredients: Lamb meal, ground rice, cracked pearled barley, millet, egg product, rice bran,& chicken fat) -Thank you again Dr. Gotthelf!

Depending on where they administered the vaccine, it could be some type of reaction under the front armpit.  The stuff you are seeing in his groin area is most likely a mild Staph infection, common in puppies.  You should let the vet look at these areas to see if there is anything to worry about.

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