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What is the right thing to do? She seems to be mostly athletically  sound, the mind is @90% Anxiety/Nervous/Confused. Lucy was adopted by me and my grown son over 15 years ago, ASPCA records showing that Lucy had been discarded from a VERY abusive home ... We were told by the Humane League that she was @ 4 years, and had only one prior home.

We have given her good years. She is clearly insane and a nervous wreck. But, she seems to be getting herself ready to "sleep". She is a fighter. Her pulse, right now, is @50-58? It's hard to get a good one. She has open sores, some very large. I thought they may be tumors. She is not a complainer of Pain, just everything else. Is it time? I believe her Breed to be a Blue-Tick Hound. Maybe not pure-bred.

Wow!!! IF she has made it to 19 years, she is a fighter.  That is a very long life for any dog.  I always tell my clients that they will know when it is "time."  If the dog is no longer responding to you or having severe pain, cannot walk, has weeping sores that will not heal, or has severe mental distress, then it is probably time.  YOu should discuss the process with your veterinarian.

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