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My 2 y/o fixed female cat, Cleo, had a reaction to the revolution she was dosed with last week.  She lost hair at the application site and the skin was inflamed and looked sore.  She was acting unwell for a couple days afterward.  She is feeling much better now, but the sore must still be bothering her:  I noticed just now that she has scratched herself or picked a scab and there is a shallow,bloody sore in the bald patch.  I don't think I'll ever give her revolution again, the poor thing!  I'm wondering if it's safe to apply some antibiotic ointment on the site.  Will this assist with discomfort and aid healing?  Or cause further problems?

I've attached a photo.  I'm sorry it's not very good

Some history:
Cleo has had a couple skin problems off and on in the 1.5 years she's lived with me.  She occasionally gets a swollen bottom lip and occasionally gets itchy bumps on the back of her hind legs causing her to lick off a strip of fur.  When these issues arise she is taken to the vet and given depo medrol (sp?).  Vet is sure that her problems are because of a reaction to a parasite, hence the revolution.  She was given a depo shot the day before I applied the revolution.  She has had revolution before.  Her last dose was early December before this most recent one given at the end of february.

Most of the topical flea products contain alcohol in their delivery vehicle. She may be having a reaction to that.  I will tell you from my own personal experience having dosed thousands of cats with Revolution that this is the mildest topical out there.  In the last 15 years of dispensing it, I have not heard or seen reactions to Revolution.  You can try a topical medication, but with these reactions, it is better to use a systemic steroid to quell the inflammation deep in the skin.

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