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I have a 15 week old kitten that was diagnosed with ringworm on his ear. The vet told us to buy athletes foot cream to use. His ear started getting better, then a spot showed up on his tail. We started putting cream on this spot. Now, from licking this spot he has ringworm under his nose. If I put cream under his nose, he licks it off. I found he doesn't bother the tail spot if I put a bandaid on it. Would putting a bandaid over the cream inhibit it from healing?  Should we just try to power through and keep treating all the spots with this cream, or should we be doing something else? Thanks!

That's what happens with ringworm. It is like having weeds in your lawn.  You can kill one weed and more come up because there are seeds all over.  Ringworm spores are all over your kitten. Spot treatment is usually ineffective.  So you can bathe the kitty in an antifungal dip like lime sulfur (it really stinks badly like rotten eggs) twice a week or you can use a systemic drug like fluconazole for 30 days.  That will help.  Ask your vet.

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