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My male inside/outside cat has an ulcer on his upper lip. His entire upper lip is swollen. In some spots there are yellowish sore like wounds. I have taken him to my vet and spent over $800 already on steroid shots, antibiotics (oral and shots), changing his diet, getting rid of any worms...etc... We have tried 3 different antibiotics coupled with steroids. Nothing is working. He still eats well and is active daily, but on his off days he will sleep a lot, breath heavy, and show signs of discomfort. It is just so heart breaking I don't know what to do. He is in so much pain. And I can't afford much more. My vet said she has nothing else she can do besides a biopsy, and even if I do a biopsy she said it won't help much (we will still need to try different rounds of antibiotics). She said at this point I need to seek a Feline dermatologist. I have never heard of this and I know I can't afford a cat specialist. What can I do?

From your description this sounds like a RODENT ULCER, which is part of the eosinophilic granuloma complex of allergic diseases of cats.  This might require constant medication, like oral CYCLOSPORINE (Atopica for Cats) and an antibiotic called CLAVAMOX used for at least 30 days.

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