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Dog\'s Snout and Eye
Dog's Snout and Eye  

We have taken our dog to the vet and they do not know what is happening. We will soon be taking her to a specialist but I am trying to get info from as many people as possible.  4 days ago her snout begin to develop a blister and black scab, very swollen, and then it begin to get larger. 2 days ago it begin to spread to above her eye. She is eating well and is acting perfectly normal, just itching it (so we put on an elizabethan collar). She is in the country so is outside a lot, but we haven't noticed her eating anything unusual or getting into anything unusual. The photos are not the clearest because I'm in Nepal and my dog is staying with my dad in US, so the photo is via Skype.  Do you have any advice about this? Thank you so much!!

This looks like a disease called Pemphigus.  It is an autoimmune disease where the body tries to destroy the skin.   The bridge of the nose is a favorite place for this to occur.  The treatment is immunosuppressive drugs like steroids and other drugs.  A biopsy is required to be absolutely sure.  

Here is some information you might pass on to your vet.

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