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So my 7 year old Brittany spaniel was attacked on Sunday by another dog. The dog was grabbing onto her neck but we stopped the dog before it got worse. There was no blood or teeth marks or anything. We took her home and noticed that when we pressed this one area on her neck/shoulder she squealed and snapped at us. Other then that she was acting normal and eating and drinking and pooping/peeing. I took her to the vet on Tuesday but she absolutely HATES going there, I have to carry her in there and freaks out and shakes and so when the vet was examining her, she never squealed or let her know if it hurt. I'm assuming because she was so tense and scared because right when I took her out to the car and touched the area it bothered her and she squealed and snapped at me. The vet gave me some pain meds for her and I've been giving them to her every 12 hours. So it's Thursday now and she still squeals when I touch that spot. I might be overreacting but I just want to be safe! Is the area just sore because the dog was biting her? I just think since it's been so many days that it's weird that she's still squealing when we touch it, I feel like it should be getting better and it shouldn't bother her as much, especially because she's on meds. Could something of happened to her? I'm not sure of the injuries they can get in that area or what I should do in this situation so any advice would be great!

Bit wounds are often what we call crushing injuries.  You won't see much, but the tissue has been crushed.  The blood vessels are closed off and the nerves are pinched.  That could be why so much pain.  Probably the dog could benefit from some steroids and antibiotics, if the pain pills are not enough.  It can take 2-3 weeks for these crushing injuries to resolve.

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