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Hello. I have a nine year old Cockapoo. She has had issues with her ears since she was one years old. Her ears have been okay until this last week, just the ear wax that she normally gets. Within the last few days her left ear has swelled (her left ear has always been the trouble maker). Last night her eyes have swelled as well, and I am unsure whether it is related to her ear.  The swelling in her ear has decreased, but her eyes are red and puffy. Could her swollen ear have caused her eyes to become red and puffy? Could this be an allergy? I cannot afford to take her to the vet until next week so for now I just want to hear your expert opinion and see what I can do at home until then.  Thank you.

Without an examination it is hard for me to guess just what is going on with your dog.  It could be an allergy, but if it came up all at once, I would think of a bee sting or a snakebite or some other type of venom.  I have never seen an ear infection spread to the eyes.

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