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I have a miniature dachshund that is a little over a year old whom I've had for 11 months. A little over a week ago I noticed a bald spot underneath his collar towards the front of his neck. While at first I thought perhaps the collar rubbing could cause it, but just in case I've been checking him for further fur loss. I'm now noticing his belly seems to possibly be thinning out. I'm not seeing any patches, but I'm concerned because it seems like I can maybe see his skin underneath his fur a little more than I used to. Is it possible this is environmental and not medical? He drags his body across the floor quite a bit and loves to "burrow" into things, and we've recently moved in the past 2 months. Could the new environment be causing this somehow?

Thank you for your time

Without a good skin examination, it is hard for me to guess on the internet.  It is possible at his young age that there is hair loss due to demodex mange mites, ringworm, bacterial infection, allergies, etc. .  That is something that a veterinarian would have to determine.

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