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My cats had their vaccination yesterday, (I don't remember what kind of vaccination it was, but it was a yearly vaccination)
and one of my cat ran a temperature and was stiff and mean. I understand that can happen, he stayed in one spot all night bearly moving. The following day he seems to be better and seem to have somewhat of his appetite back, so we fed him some of his favorite snacks and soon after he threw it all up. From here on he moved very slowly and looked awkward, there are also drippings from his rectum and it looks like there is blood mix in the dripping. Is there cause for alarm or is this normal.

I hope by now he is better. If he is still symptomatic, he needs to go see the veterinarian for a follow up.   If he reacts to vaccine, then he probably should be pre-treated with an antihistamine the day before his shots next year.  Very few cats get vaccination reactions these days because the vaccines are so purified.

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