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I have a three year old Basenji who last Sept. came down with some sort of problem.  This problem recently came back.  What is happening is that he will start to limp due to one leg hurting, then it will go to a different leg then get so bad he does not walk at all.  Anytime you touch him he cries.  We have to force feed him a dog food paste of bland hamburger, rice or chicken.  The vet did every test they could think of with no luck.  No tick bourne issues all labs are normal except his white cell count is through the roof!  The only thing that the breeder said worked was clindomyacine which costs an arm and a leg but we will sacrifice what ever to make him feel better.  No one can figure out what his problem is and that is all we want to do since this keeps coming back.  We are at the end of our rope!

I practice in the Southern US and when I see a dog with muscle pain and a very high white blood cell count, I think of a disease caused by a parasite called hepatozoonosis (  It comes from the dog eating the ticks.  A muscle biopsy is required to diagnose it.

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