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Milo\'s Toe
Milo's Toe  
RE: Melissa with her cat Milo, he snagged his toe on something and broke or dislocated it. It is sticking up at an awkward angle.

Hi Eloise,

My cat Bagins has exact same thing to his toe, I was wondering if you knew the outcome to Milo's condition? or if there is any way to contact Melissa to enquire.   

I ask because im in a period of severe money troubles (0 to be precise) and the vets in my town and surrounding areas will not see or treat animals without pay and refuse to accept part payments, telephoning them becomes useless as reception want you to book an appointment and vets say they need to see and judge the animals condition before giving advice (to walk thru their door costs 25 before examination and treatments begun - and i wonder if its their way to force u to visit them).

So veterinarian visit is not an option for bagins at the moment and iv scoured the web for hours to find anything similar to my cats predicament then finally found Melissa & Milo's post.

Any update to Milo's treatment or advice from you would be greatly appreciated.


Ronnie & Bagins

Hi Ronnie and Bagins,
It is so worrying when something happens to our pets, particularly when money is short. It is not the sort of thing that can be fixed at home I expect. Cats are very naughty when it comes to bandages and splints and often more harm is done than good if you attempt to Does little Bagins seem painful? Is he putting his foot down and walking on that leg okay? Cats are amazingly resilient in many cases and can heal very well and at least this toe is not a weight-bearing one.

Are there any charity clinics around your area? I hear they have those in the UK, unfortunately in Australia we don't have any veterinary charities, but I know a friend worked in one a few years ago.

Whatever you do, try to restrict his activity as much as possible, ie no outside access and no jumping at least for the next few weeks.

Hope that helps a little.


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