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Hello Dr.Gotthelf, I have a question about my cat's fur/skin (obviously. My cat is a Short-Medium haired, 2 year old, indoor, Male Taybee. He shows no eating or bath room problems, and he baths frequently and never seems tense or meowing nonstop, however, after we moved from Georgia to California, within two weeks under his belly a quarter sized bald spot with miniscule cluster of scabs, then another spot appeared on his hind leg, and now one on his neck. My mom says it could be because of the heat (house has no A/C), but im not sure as to what it could be, and financial we cant take him to the vet right now unless it could become an emergency. Also the scabs now have turned to just red blimishes, could this be from new house stress, or is it more of a bacterial infection? Thank you for your time, not only for my question, but thousands of other questions!

I would be more inclined to think about a ringworm infection rather than a bacterial infection in this cat.  If the cat is not bothering it, you might try an over the counter antifungal medication.  Ask a pharmacist to help you.  If the cat starts scratching it or it spreads, you should find a vet that can look at this for you.

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