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I am only 16, but I came across a young (and I mean very young probably 2-3 weeks) starving kitten. He is in terrible condition and looks very close to death. When, I first got him, he walked right up to me with no problem. I picked him up, and because of his malnourished condition, took him home with me, feeling sorry for the fella. My parents told me I had to place him in a big dog kennel that we had. So, I had my sister do so and right off the bat we stirred up some KMR milk. He refused to drink it and spilled it all over himself. After that, he continuously climbed up the front cage of the kennel. My mom gave him a bath to clean him up and she had to force feed him the kitten milk. The next day, he got worse. He has diarrhea and always poops all over himself. It's light brown, barely anything and is mostly liquid. He can't make it to the bathroom. He continuously gets worse. Now, he cannot stand and it seems like he can't even support his head. I've force fed him as much as I can until he stops drinking. But, he still seems to get no energy. Sometimes, he meows. It sounds very painful and loud. He often stretches when he meows too. I can feel his ribs and it's like he's literally all bone and skin. His breathing is consistent and heart beat seems normal. But, he has fleas and his ears look like ear mites have been there for quite awhile. They are very gross and look terrible. I have no idea what to do. Mostly, the kittens I have took care were healthy and easy to raise. But, he just looks incredibly sick. My parents can't afford to take him to the vet and the pound seems like their best option. It's all they talk about. Please, tell me what to do and if it's best to put him down humanly so he doesn't suffer I wouldn't mind doing so or try and help me take care of him so he gets better.

Hi Kimberly,
You have done an amazing thing looking out for this little fella, the poor little thing does sound like he needs help. If I was your local vet I would definitely take him in and look after him if he can be saved. We get orphaned kittens brought into my clinic all the time and the ones that are strong enough to save we treat for free. If you take this little one into your local clinic I'm sure they will let you surrender him to them.

Are you using a bottle designed to feed baby kittens? By KMR you mean kitten milk replacer? Which brand are you using? Have you wormed him? If you raise these little guys regularly, they need to be wormed every 2 weeks also.

Hope the little guy makes it.


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