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Hello, I asked an additional question about my Manx cat, and new kitten, bit this question is just about my's a short-haired male, de- clawed, and neutered...he was a kitten when I got him in 2007.....he seems to always have "stomach problems"....he throws up often...he eats to fast sometimes as well, and he throws it up before it even had a chance to digest...or just throws up....he never acts like he doesn't feel well, or in pain....literally every single time he sneaks out the door, he heads straight for the yard, and eats grass,.comes inside, gets sick..I might be mistaken, but I heard they eat grass when their stomachs upset.....I can't imagine his stomach is really upset 24/7, he shows absolutely no sign of discomfort.....I started getting the Temptation cat treats for hairball control even...I'm not sure if this is something that just happens, or if there's a reason, any advice you could give is greatly appreciated

hi there,
sorry about the delay getting to your questions. I missed the email to remind me.

I think if you have a cat that regularly vomits it can be a number of things. Food intolerances or allergies would be pretty high up on the list and inflammatory bowel disease. Have you talked to your vet?
Has your cat been wormed recently?

If you wanted to do a pretty simple food trial to see if it is related to a food intolerance/allergy the idea is to feed a protein source your cat has never had before (rabbit, kangaroo, venison, turkey) and won't be contained in regular pet foods. Combine this with a carbohydrate like sweet potato. Feed approximately 2/3 meat, the rest sweet potato. This is not a balanced diet long-term but would be okay for a short period. There is also a food available called Hills Z/D that is used for cats that have food problems. Not sure if it is available where you are, I'm in Australia.

I would probably see your vet first to see if there is anything physically wrong first though. Cats are amazing at hiding their problems, they are such secretive creatures sometimes!

About the hairballs, unless actual hair is coming up in the vomit, this would be a very unlikely cause. And the hairball foods don't really do much!

Hope that helps


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