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I've got an 8 year old min pin and she's had skin problems for a few years now.  The many vets that I've taken her to can not figure it out.  She's been on steroids, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medications....raw meat diet, homeopathic remedies and nothing is helping.  She has loss of hair in circles all over her body and around her ears.  It's very itchy and has an odor. The vet's have told me to go see a specialist but we live about 1400 km's from one.  Just wondering if you've had any similar clients that may have had this problem and if they had any success in treatments.  Her mother also had it so it may be hereditary.  Just looking for any suggestions.

My first thought is a food allergy.  We often see a bacterial infection (circular hair loss) and ear problems in food allergic dogs.  Another common thing to see is itching around the rectal area. To diagnose food allergy requires a special type of hydrolized protein diet given for 6-8 weeks with nothing else going into the dog's mouth. Ask your vet if they can get you some Hill's z/d diet food. If there is no response after 6-8 weeks, then it is probably not a food allergy.

Other things to consider are demodex mange and ringworm.  Your vet will need to test for those.

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