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QUESTION: Dear Dr Anand

The Endoscope could be widely
used Medical Device for Performing
Endoscophy on Pets viz dog, cat, Horse, Fish, Bird etc?.


ANSWER: Yes this is widely used in veterinary practice.

Types of endoscopy include:

Flexible endoscopy:

Bronchoscopy: an exam of the lower airways.
Colonoscopy:an exam of the transverse colon, ascending colon, cecum, large bowel, and rectum.
Endoscopy: an exam of the esophagus, stomach, and upper intestines.

Rigid endoscopy:

Arthroscopy: an exam of soft tissue structures and joint cartilage, which is not visible on radiographs. Decreased damage to the joint and shortened recovery times are two advantages of arthroscopy over arthrotomy (surgical exam of the joint). Disadvantages include its limitation during diagnostic and corrective surgical procedures in small patients.
Cystoscopy: an examination of the vagina, urethral opening, urethra, bladder, and ureteral openings.
Laparoscopy: an exam of the abdominal cavity performed through a small incision in the wall of the abdomen or through the navel. It is done in veterinary medicine to obtain hepatic (liver) and renal (kidney) biopsy samples.
Proctoscopy: an exam of the large bowel and rectum.
Rhinoscopy: an exam of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx (junction between the nasal area and the back of the throat).
Thoracoscopy: an examination of the chest cavity. This is currently not performed frequently in veterinary medicine.

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QUESTION: Dear Dr Anand

Sophisticated Endoscope Medical devices could be the need of the Hour for Verteniary surgeons?.


Sophisticated Endoscope Medical devices are at present widely used in veterinary practice, especially in equine and pet practice.

Equine Dental Scope,Optical Foreign Body Grasping Forceps,Laparoscopy, Thorascopy,Mobile Equine Laryngoscope,Canine Arthroscopy,Abomasum Repositioning Set,Equine Arthroscopy etc are some examples.And as imaging technology advances in medicine, more and more sophistication can also be expected in Veterinary practice.  

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