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Hi. I've asked a couple of questions before and I'm back to seek your help again. I have a puppy that needs to have a rabies shot. I ordered Lyssin for its detox remedy. I've never used Lyssin before but read that it's used for the rabies, and that Thuja is for other vaccinations detox.

I ordered Lyssin 30c 400 pellets, and the instruction said that you have to give a single dose(2 pellets) starting 3 days before the D-day and continuously give it on the Day and throughout a week after. You give it hidden in a treat/food, however you can. From what I know of, homeopathic meds should not be mixed with food or water for 30 minutes before and after its consumption.
What do you think about this way of giving Lyssin? How do you give such pellets to a puppy that might not easily take it?

Also, 400 pellets are too much for my little dogs, and I was wondering if it can also be used for other booster shots' detox, although I realize Thuja should be used for those.

Looking forward to hear your wisdom.
Thank you in advance.

My suggestions for lessening the damage from vaccines -

As you see I do not feel homeopathy is the best approach because that is taking a one pill fits all dogs and cats getting rabies, yet homeopathy is an individual medicine.

If you choose to use it:
I would only give 2 pellets the day before, the day of and the day after. Now you have used 6 pellets. The
remedy never expires (contrary to the label), so you can treat, if you choose to, almost a hundred of rabies vaccines in multiple dogs.

I do not recommend getting any booster shots except Rabies -

I do not recommend giving thuja if you do vaccinate, but follow the procedure above, then watch carefully for
any of the early warning signs and track symptoms in a journal.

usually remedies do work for people and animals in food, but to be on the safe side I would crush and put in the mouth (or dilute in a little water and squirt in the mouth if you cannot administer otherwise) - see more in this article -

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