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I just got a kitten about a week ago for my daughter. I was told they found her in a field which they believed she was left there to die by mommy cat. They said they had bottlefed her and nursed her back to health and is believed to be 10 weeks old. But as we got her her eyes were very watery, and have gunk in them, she blikes and squints a lot, and occasionally sneezes and makes a weird sound why'll moving her head all around. I have continued to wipe her eyes with a warm rag but seems to be getting worse. I am a stay at home single mother of 3 that didn't plan to get a sick kitty so I have no funds to take her to a vet. I feel awful, we love her!! I have been trying to find places that help with vet bills and calling around and searching online to figure out what it is and home remedies to help her. I heard to boil green tea and use as eye drops, and I read from someone who claimed to be a vet tech that I could use children's pink eye drops on her but with not knowing what is causing it or what it is and i don't want to damage her eyes. I have polymyxin B sulfate and trimethoprim opthalmic solution 10ml from my 6 yr old sons pink eye a few months back. Would this be safe to use on her?? Please help!!!!

First, I am sorry to sound harsh, but animals do get sick, just as children do, so you really should not have a pet if you do not have several hundred set aside for health care, or can afford an insurance policy.

Second, this is a good example of how you could help with home care if you had gotten some training. When you are not able to get to the veterinarian, nor sure of the need, many holistic modalities can be tried. Sometimes the problem will resolve with your care, or if not you have at least eased the symptoms until you can get to the vet.

From books, on-line and in classes you can learn Reiki (which can take the "bad" out of vaccines and any needed drugs, or even make food healthier), massage, HTA, TTouch, acupressure, flower essence therapy, all of which are 100% safe to use for any problems. There are many more approaches you can do to help heal your kitten with some training since they need to be used more carefully - homeopathy, herbal medicine, Chinese herbs, aromatherapy.  Classes are found through your health food store, by phone or on-line. You may be already trained in Reiki and not realized it could be used on animals.

for now, do NOT use the children's drugs. They may not be safe. Try the Green tea made in saline solution. Ask for the free Reiki (see below). AT a health food store you should find L-Lysine. This is good for the Herpes virus that is often the cause of the eye and nose problems. Give 500 mg a day, can divide in to AM and PM. Give 250 mg vit C twice a day for its antioxidant properties. See if the store has any herbal or homeopathic eye drops (Similisum, Eye Bright, etc) and use those 3 times a day.

Personally, I think every person who lives with or works with animals must know at least Level I Reiki. You or the practitioner offers this energy and the animal comes over to get it (or places her hands upon the animal), or it can be done from a distance, even around the world with the intent for healing to occur. The energy flows through the healer into the animal. This is based on directly applying Chi (energy) to rebalance the energy field so it no longer needs to produce the physical symptoms. It is a very good adjunct to any healing modality, especially to relieve pain and inflammation. I have seen cats who began to eat again when their food was treated with Reiki. It also "takes the bad out of" things. By doing Reiki on smelly water in restaurants I have been able to drink sweet tasting and smelling water. Use Reiki anytime that you must give injections, vaccines, drugs, flea or heartworm drugs, or other substances with potential toxicity. Reiki is great to calm animals, relieve discomfort, and can deeply heal some problems in some animals.  

1. Great information on Reiki -
2. Kathleen Prasad is a wonderful teacher and works with my favorite sanctuary and holistic education center, BrightHaven Kathleen leads a free monthly telechat for anyone trained in Reiki and using it with animals.

3. If you cannot find a Reiki Class near you (same class for people and animals as it connects you through an "attunement" to the healing energy of the universe, making you a channel of healing), the following groups offer long distance, free, attunements.

c.   Christine at, To receive free distance Reiki send her your first name only, city and state, and whether or not you have had any Reiki training.  She invites you to include your pets as well.  She uses a teddy bear and does a full body Reiki distance treatment for one hour each Sunday evening from 9 p.m. until 10 p.m. EST.
d.   And a team of over 100 healers will send free healing energy until you say not to. Email Barbara at with your healing request, name of animal, species, color & age. In the subject say request through Dr. Chambreau

It is possible that this could become a very chronic condition (my cat had it till she died at age 8 and nothing seemed to cure her), so working with an integrative vet once you have the money may be necessary.

Please do not feed dry food. Feed canned, or better yet - real people food. If you buy a whole chicken to feed your family, chop the neck and back into 1/2 inch pieces (bone and skin and meat) for the kitten. Smush some cooked vegetables and mix with cottage cheese, cream cheese, milk or tuna juice or cheeses. Read on my site about fresh foods being the best for cats, dogs and people.

You are not alone in being short of money right now. There are many ways you can find money to treat your cherished animals. Some veterinarians, especially integrative ones, will be willing to barter with you. What skills do you have? Can you clean their parking lot, sidewalk, clinic? Are you a bookkeeper or accountant? Are you great with the internet and able to help them build a web site? Could you get new clients for them? Call the veterinarian of your choice (especially an integrative one), ask to speak with the veterinarian and tell them your financial situation and that you would like to build up credit for future problems. Ask if they will take payment plans and think what you could offer as collateral. Ask if the clinic has its own fund to help those in need. Call multiple veterinarians, especially integrative clinics.  Purchase pet insurance. Also, many cities have humane societies and other groups that can help with medical bills, rabies vaccines, spay and neuters. You can also save significant money by following the following holistic approaches - do not vaccinate and find local sources of free food ingredients. This will take some time and research, then will be easy and inexpensive. Here are a few sites to check.  800-325-8295  

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