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Spots #1
Spots #1  
QUESTION: Dear Doctor,

I am writing to you because we are concerned about our 9 year old kitty. He is a white long-haired exclusively indoor cat.

About a year ago we first noticed a little spot on the bridge of his nose which was mostly covered with fur. We thought nothing of it as he likes to run around a lot and sometimes hits himself - this went on for all of his life, so we thought it may be a scab from some injury.

However, a few weeks ago we noticed that several new spots appeared on his nose. They do not bleed, but are slightly elevated and the brownish part can be peeled off with a fingernail (on some spots there is no brownish part so it looks like there is no fur; to me it looks like the brownish parts occasionally vanish and leave a small scar, then the spots again turn brownish, as if they never heal). Please see the images attached.

Our local veterinarian saw a photo of these spots and recommended that we try with a steroid and antibacterial cream.

We are still very concerned about our kitty. Could you please look at the attached pictures and give us your opinion on what it could be. Do you think that it looks very serious?

Thank you very much for your time and help!

ANSWER: This looks like something we see called Mosquito Bite Hypersensitivity.  It almost always shows up on the nose.  Yes, a steroid creme would probably be effective.  It is a relatively minor dermatological problem as long as it is only on the nose.

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Spots 2012
Spots 2012  

Spots 2013
Spots 2013  
QUESTION: Dear Dr. Gotthelf,

thank you again. We live in an area where there are not a lot of mosquitoes. Also, these spots were also present during the winter. Examining older photos of our cat we discovered that he had these spots way back in 2012, maybe even before (but we don't have any good pictures from before that).

Please see attached a photo from 2012 and one from 2013.

After applying this steroid creme two times a new spot appeared.

Is there any way to rule out something like SCC without a biopsy?

Thank you again very much! We appreciate your help.

If this was a SCC, I would think it would have grown significantly since 2013.  Unfortunately, without a biopsy, it is impossible to be sure of SCC or any other type of tumor.  You could try an antibiotic/steroid creme on it just in case it is infected.

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