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I have a 2 yrs 3 months old female Labrador Retriever and she has a massive tick infestation. I found a huge tick near her ear and upon checking further I found several smaller ticks on her ear. A huge one was even inside her ears. I took out as many as I could find buy obviously she must have many more. She has been scratching herself a lot and has even taken the fur and some skin off some parts of her body. Due to this she has many pink and red bald spots on her while some which have dried up and are covered with dry skin. My insensitive inhumane parents wont let me take her to the vet and won't give me any money to buy supplies for treating her ticks. I don't know what to do. Is there any home remedy I can try to kill the ticks for the next few days until I earn some money on my own to buy her tick shampoos and stuff? She is fed chapattis and milk in the morning and pedigree dry dog food (with egg or pedigree chicken gravy). She is about 32-35 kg and otherwise a healthy active dog. I am stuck because nothings going right in my life I am only 15 and i have depression, ocd and anxiety and my parents dont even let me get anti depressants and i feel my dog is all I have got. I am sorry this is off topic but I just don't want to regret anything later in my life.  What can I do to treat the ticks on my dog? Please suggest some remedies. Thanks in advance.

For ticks, there is no home remedy.  If you can find some insecticide that may be at your home, look for an ingredient called PERMETHRIN.  That really kills fleas well.  There are 2 new fantastic long acting oral tick products available.  One is called Nexgard (lasts one month) and the other is Bravecto (lasts 3 months).

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