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My female 16 year-old West Highland Terrier has been suffering with ear problems for about 2 and a half years.  Initially due to a suspected infection, her ears were packed with BNT which left her deaf.  We ended up at a specialist's who washed out some of the ointment.  Ultimately her hearing did not fully return.  At one point a cytology was done and yeast was the culprit.  She has had continued flare ups and has been treated with Easotic, Triotic, Epiotic,and convenia injections.  After so many vet visits and with her age, she has become intolerant and bites and struggles at appointments and has to be muzzled.  At her last appointment she was so stressed she started bleeding from the nose/mouth.  The vet and techs said it was a result of raised blood pressure.  I am hesitant to take her to the vet and since all treatments have not resolved her ear issues, I'm searching for a permanent solution or answer to her problems.

The only permanent solution to this problem is a surgery called a TECA-LBO.  That means a total ear canal ablation with a lateral bulla osteotomy.  Any board certified veterinary surgeon can do this procedure, but it is not something that a regular vet should do.  

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