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Hoots back end
Hoots back end  

Hoot\'s bag
Hoot's bag  
I have a question about one of our does. She has been bred and is due anytime now. Last night she started acting funny. She was grunting like she was pushing, she was stretching out like trying to get them in place to be born, she wasnt eatting but was drinking a good bit of water. She has layed around today but last night she didnt seem to want to lay down.You can feel her spine and her hip are showing. Her ligaments are loose but she doent have a big bag and she has milk in it. She is hollow above her rear legs/below the hips. She has had any babies yet. But is continuing to do the stretching like she trying to get them in place. We have read that the babies will be on the right side of the doe after the first 3 months and as long as you can still feel them they wont be born for another 12 hours. But when we felt on her her right side is squishy and her left is hard like they are on her left. What we have read was that the left side will become larger when they are getting ready to be born. What should we do?

I am not familiar with goats (though I have treated them with homeopathy). Normally I would not have answered a question I am not an expert in, but I wanted to give you some other options for now and in the future.

1. for the future:
2. Molly is very good and may be able to help you now -
3. has a lot of links including Molly's -
4. there were a number of possibles at a google search of holistic goat birthing.

I would call a person trained in Reiki. If you do not know any - Excellent recommendation in 2015 - or offers many types of energy healing classes- search a bit to find the reiki ones or email them.

Good luck for this episode and if you want to learn more than those people and sites offer, email me at and I will help you find the best vets, etc. My web site is but I do not have a lot on goats there. I did teach a goat class, so do have a set of notes somewhere.  

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