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Krewe hot spot
Krewe hot spot  
First off thank you so much for taking my question!

My dog has developed some sort of skin issue or allergy since I moved from Ohio to Virginia. He has access to a fenced grass area as he did in Ohio the only difference I can tell is the red clay? Any help would be much appreciated!

Kim and Krewe

Hot spots are almost always caused by an allergic reaction to something.  The dog scratches the skin and it weeps serum, which dries and cakes up under the coat causing more skin damage.  Clipping the area to remove the hair and using soap and water stops the progression.  To stop the allergy, usually a steroid shot, pills, or spray can help.  If the dog is sensitive to something in your new surroundings, that may be the cause of the allergy reaction.  Your vet can test the dog for allergies to see if there is some type of sensitivity to something.

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