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Hello mam,
we have 14 cats in our home, all cats are rescued. only with two kittens have problems. they are not more than 5 months. the other cat already dead of same symptoms. this kitten is male and was very active when we got it, but its very very lean and cant eat any solid food gradually since two months. often has diarrhea and the feces are white and very loose. i tried to treat for worms and diarrhea nothing works. as here is no vet for cats, i done it myself.
 after the other cat died i started to feed this cat a boiled egg yolk with milk. that's the only food. but no improvement. since a week he started to smell like a dead fish. i thought it was because he cant cleaned himself. i know he is going to die soon. but is there anything that i can do to help him. what is his problem, liver damage, cancer, hiv, kidney failure. i wonder why the other cat from the same birth died? will it spread to other cats. there are other two kittens and adult cats. please help me. thanks.

OK - I have a few more minutes while waiting again.
Why white feces? 1. liver disease where the bile is not being properly produced or there is a liver ailment like hepatitis (which can be contagious) or can be congenital (unusual to have 2 with the same congenital problem). 2. Pancreatitis - usually not in such young kittens and they are fluffy, big stools that are very light tan colored, but could be white. 3. Bacterial infections in the gut (probably not contagious) which certainly could affect 2 kittens from the same litter. 4. as mentioned, FELK or even FIV with secondary liver failure. 5. Worms do not usually cause white stools but can cause the weakness and no appetite and death.

Smelling like a dead fish: 1. check him to see if there are any open wounds, maybe with fly larvae in it; 2. gently bathe him; 3. poor digestion which you know is happening.

Other things to try:
1. cook rice in milk, or coconut milk until very very soggy and drain off the liquid. Eyedropper that liquid and try to feed the mashed rice with some yogurt or kefir or other fermented dairy product.
2. Try and find a person who knows the ayurvedic treatments for people and give a few drops of the best immune stimulants and stool firmers.
3. vitamin C - 50 mg 3 or 4 times a day.

i hope these help you some.

thank you for helping cats.
It could be a viral problem like FELK and the others probably have immunity already.

I only have a moment before my plane leaves.

Find someone who can teach you Reiki - there are some on the internet if no one local. It is good for people and animals alike. If you do it every day it will help the health of all your cats.

not sure much can help this cat now.

check out as they had 60 cats at one point, fed raw, used reiki, homeopathy and flower essence and had some live to 30 when adopted at 16! Gail may have some support/ideas overall for you.

Try "thumping his thymus".  Move your finger gently down the throat till you feel bone, then gently tap 5 -10 times there.

check out for some points to stimulate the immune system.

Raw milk is good.

for diarrhea - juice squeezed from an aloe plant,

oops - got to go. Sorry.

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