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Chest neck
Chest neck  
I have 2 dogs, both about 5 months old. We've been told that they are a mix of bulldog and Catahoula and they are sisters. They both have gotten some sort of rash and it's not due to fleas. They already have received 4 shots of pennacilin within the past week. Their attitudes are fine and playful, it just the skin issues. They will play with eachother and cause the skin to bleed, we are tying to limit that. Have any ideas as to what it looks like?

At that age, I would have them checked for mange.  There are 2 types of mites that can affect the skin of puppies in the same litter.  There are called Demodex and Sarcoptes.  I would not recommend penicillin because there are so many bacteria that are resistant to it. If this is a Staph infection, there are better drugs to use.  Have a vet check these pups so they can receive proper treatment.

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