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Two years ago my siamese who is now 7 fell to the floor and could barely walk, kept falling over. Head tilted. I rushed her to the emergency hospital and they referred me to a specialty hospital. I was advised she had a ruptured eardrum and Meningitus! She is an indoor cat and never showed signs of an ear infection. They put her on Clavamox and Prednisone. She eventually got over it, months down the road and was back to her normal self. Then and now every couple of months she starts shaking her head, walking with her head tilted and holding her ear down. They put her back on meds (same as before) and it clears up, however, this time it is not. Please help!

With a traumatic head injury, things take months and years sometimes to fully heal.  If she is having unresponsive vestibular signs, then she may need to either have the eardrum popped to relieve the pressure or a higher level of the steroids to decrease any inflammation pressing on the nerves.  Ask your vet to check the eardrum to see if there is fluid in the middle ear or if it is bulging.

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