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I have a cat that is 7 years old. I have had her since she was 5 weeks old. Recently,  she has become quite scared of plastic bags and some other noises. As far as I know she has never had a bad or traumatic experience with bags. This is a new behavior that started about 5 months ago.  When a plastic bag is shaken or moved around she flies out of the room.  Nothing has changed in the house.  Nothing has changed with her food.  She was recently given a physical by our vet and checked out fine.  Is her changing behavior due to getting older?  Something else?  We try to be quite when using and handling plastic bags.  I don't like that she gets scared.  I don't want her to be anxious.  How can I help her?  What can we do?  I appreciate your time and help.

I would start out working to desensitise her to plastic bags. For a period of time while you are working with her, keep any plastic bags out of the house so you don't have any backwards steps. Just keep one plastic bag you can use for training. Then when she is eating, gently rustle a plastic bag far enough away from her that she barely even notices. Over time you can decrease the distance between you and her while you are doing the rustling. She will gradually build up a tolerance for the noise. You can also record the sound of rustling bags to play as background noise while she is relaxed, so you can keep the volume low to start with.

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