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Hi. I am concerned about my dog. I took him to the vet yesterday afternoon for his annual check up and the doctor gave him two shots (one for rabies and one for heartworm prevention) and did a blood test. I was unhappy because we were not told our regular vet was on vacation and would not be there, and another doctor we did not know was filling in for him. But we didn't want to be rude or offend anyone so we decided to just let the doctor who was on call do the exam. Anyway, my dog has not been himself since. He is a Jack Russell/Poodle mix and normally very energetic (bordering on hyper!) but he has been tired and lethargic, doesn't come when called and won't eat (he normally has a good appetite). He backside is also very tender and sore (he growls if you go near that area). We called and the receptionist said to give it a day, but I'm really worried and my regular vet is away all of next week as well! Is this normal? Could he have had a negative reaction to the drugs he was given? I checked the bill from last year and nothing different was done, and he didn't have this problem last year. Should I take him in again if this persists? If so, I'm not sure whether I should go back there or take him somewhere else since I did not really feel comfortable with the vet who is taking his regular vet's place although perhaps that is just because I am so used to dealing with him (we've had him for many years). My dog is nearly two years old so still a puppy, in case that information is relevant. We all adore him, and would be devastated if something were to happen to him. I recall hearing a story where the vet made a mistake and accidentally euthanized a perfectly healthy dog, or where the animal was given the wrong drug and ended up getting sick or dying. And so I am very worried. Thank you very much for your time doctor.

Hi Lisa,
Usually there are no side effects/reactions to anti rabies shots except in very few cases..You didn't mention what kind of medicine was used as heart worm preventive.Some of the medicines used orally / topically/systemically for heart worm preventive do have side effects like loss of appetite and lethargy,in a few  animals.
Hence check all these things comprehensively and if you feel that the symptoms are not fading or rather aggravating, a veterinary consultation would be ideal.


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