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Dear Dr. Chambreau,
I took my 12 year old cat daughter to vet for ultrasound and some blood tests because of the nodule on her mammary. But she is a bit like a tiger, she gets too angry and stressed when she goes to vet. After coming home she lost her apettite. She is not eating for 7 days :( i tried everything. But really everything she likes.. For the last 2 days she eats 1 tea spoon of cream chocolate and 3 tea spoons of royal canin recovery. But nothing else.. I cooked chicken, fish, meat etc.. Whatever she likes i tried but she is not interested. Even not to tuna fish.
She is still a bit stressed and i think a bit angry to me. For calming her down i open some cat therapy music, i sing her fav lullaby, put some polemonium near her bed.. What can i do to boost her apettite? Could you please help? I feel too desperate :(
Thank you in advance.

You are definitely thinking in the right way - offering any kind or food and playing calming music.

I wonder if I have already given you an answer before about the mammary lump. If so, please forgive my repeating myself, but I do want your cat to have the best help. I can also help you with a skype call or email (HealthyAnimals  aol) for a fee if this information does not help.

The best, given where you live, would be to reach out for Reiki healing. Since this can be done from anywhere in the world, I know you can get it immediately. The practitioner offers this energy and the animal comes over to get it (or places her hands upon the animal), or it can be done from a distance, even around the world with the intent for healing to occur. The energy flows through the healer into the animal. This is based on directly applying Chi (energy) to rebalance the energy field so it no longer needs to produce the physical symptoms. It is a very good adjunct to any healing modality, especially to relieve pain and inflammation. I have seen cats who began to eat again when their food was treated with Reiki. It also "takes the bad out of" things. By doing Reiki on smelly water in restaurants I have been able to drink sweet tasting and smelling water. Use Reiki anytime that you must give injections, vaccines, drugs, flea or heartworm drugs, or other substances with potential toxicity. Reiki is great to calm animals, relieve discomfort, and can deeply heal some problems in some animals. Start with getting someone to treat her, then as soon as you can get Reiki training. It may even remove the nodule in her breast. Do an internet search for: 1. reiki classes turkey  and 2. reiki classes online free

Next, see if you can find the Bach Flower combination Rescue Remedy. Put 4 drops in one ounce of water and use it: in the mouth, rubbed on more hairless areas of the skin, on the paws, in a bowl of water in a room not near the drinking water. It can be given topically or orally as often as it seems to help.

Also, herbal tincture of alfalfa (dilute it since cats do not like alcohol) or a glycerine preparation may stimulate the appetite.

keep playing the music, apologize to her, visualize her eating, keep offering any foods, especially anything she used to love.

Finally, do some research to select an integrative vet who can help you - from within Turkey, or from Europe or even the US by skype phone/email. I would suggest don Hamilton, but you can make many choices from :,,, (though was not working today),

This would be great alternative to doing surgery on the lump.  

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