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My name is Rachel Lightsey.   My dog Shadow is circling and stumbling.   He doesn't have vestibular disease or"stroke".  I can't afford the tests as my fiance has to pay the bills (rent, food and car) and I do not work due to a severe rollover car accident two years ago.  I am not sure what happened and I am trying to do anything in my power to help him.   This happened all of a sudden,  but thinking about it. .he started spinning on his rear end about a year and a half ago.   He has no noticeable worms and his anal glands were empty.   Not sure if it's related.   I really hope this email is still valid,  as I am scared of what is happening

He still eats, but sometimes he mis judges were exactly it is and will get the edge of the bowl.   His poop and uterine look good.   I just need help or above or something to point me in the right direction.   I am pleading for help somewhere.   Thank you so much for any advice you may have.  I don't know where else to turn and it said you were a doctor.   Rachel Lightsey

I would need to know the breed and age of Shadow.  I would also need to know if there have been any blood tests done or X-rays of the skull. Has any treatment been done that is helpful?  There are some nervous system problems that can cause circling and stumbling and there are some toxins, like ammonia, that can cause this as well.  

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