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Hello Dr. Louis N. Gotthelf,

I don't want to make this question too involved. Hopefully you can help and it be a no timer and brainer. I appreciate any info on this subject- O.K. Last summer I took dog often to area forest preserves for hour to two walks and finally he developed a Mite or flea infestation. It was bad but I used a spray applying it mildly at a relatives direction. I want to return to our summer activities even more but i have researched recommended oils this time rather then the spray. I want to know in your opinion can these oils prevent a future pest issue vs using the arguable chemical spray who's brand I don't have handy. The oils I want to use are a mix of peppermint, vinegar, tea tree oil, cedar and orange. I am hoping these true oils will do the trick. I figure with your experience I can get the heads up on if this is recommended. The dog is full grown and male.

Thank you gaian for any information you have on this



There is nothing, even this oil concoction, that will repel fleas, ticks, or mites. The odors emitted from this spray would be very irritating to any dog with a good nose.  This would be more of a dog repellant!!!  I would recommend an oral product called NEXGARD to give to your dog when in the forest.  It has amazing insecticide properties, while being very safe for the dog.  One meaty chewable dose will last at least 30 days.

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