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Hi Dr. Gotthelf, you answered my question in regards to my dog (9 year old Westie) having ototoxicity with the Tri-Otic Ointment.  It's been a week since her ears got flushed and she seems to be doing better.  This past Monday, May 2 2016 (1 week after her one dose of Tri-Otic), I got a second opinion with a new vet.  He informed me that her canals were clear and the eardrums were intact but she did have some inflammation.  She also has environmental/food allergies.

I've been seeing some weird behaviors from my dog since this ototoxicity has begun.  I wanted to know if these behaviors were because her immune system is weak right now (ototoxicity and possibly the booster shot she got the same day) or something more serious such as vestibular disease or inner ear infection.

1. She got excited over another dog and tried to run towards the dog.  She kind of fell forward but then got right back up and kept trying to run.  She was on a leash so the leash was taut when she tried to run.
2. She seems to have a harder time holding things in her mouth.
3. If she is sleeping, her hearing seems worse than when she is awake.
4. Sometimes she'll lick the side of her crate or lick the floor/ground.  It has deceased some once I started wiping her down with 1:2 organic apple cider vinegar and filtered water.
5. Shakes her head only a few times a day and tries to scratch her ears a little bit.

Do you know what else might affect a dog who has gone through ototoxicity?  I know it will take at least 2 weeks for her to fully recover, but does this include her entire body?  Thanks so much for reading all this.

The other symptoms that she is showing are probably not related to the ototoxicity.  But remember that ear infections are almost always the result of some type of allergy affecting the skin of the ears, so allergy treatment may help her.  You need to have your vet evaluate her again.

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