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Hello,  I have a half German Shepherd half Rottweiler.  He is almost 12 yrs old.  The last 6 months he has been chewing his back end, tail and hips.  We took him to a vet.  She said it was food Allergies and to change his food to grain free.  We switched to the food she recommended that is only sold in farm and animal feed stores.  We went back to the vet again to be told its a flea problem.  We have tried every type of flea medications from hollistic, all brands of drops and now he has on the new expensive 8 months collar. We are at our witts end. The vet visits are very expensive for no results.  I'm thinking of finding a new vet. I was wondering Could this be a age problem?  I know his hips have been bothering him and is painful for him to go up steps or get up on the bed.  Or could this be a Nervous habbit or anxiety?  I'm 7 months pregnant and we have been doing alot of changing to the Baby.  
Do you recommend anything we could try or something we shouldn't be doing?  Please any infomation will help!

With the distribution of the skin lesions, I would think that this is a flea allergy.  Although you have been doing many of the right things, the only way to knock out the allergic signs is with an anti inflammatory drug.  There are several choices that you can discuss with your vet.  Steroids, cyclosporine, and oclacitinib are all good drugs for allergic skin diseases.

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