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My 3 month old kitten all of the sudden developed a mass on the side of her neck that has caused her face to swell, her eye waters, and she drools some! She has been laying on me or beside me for the last 3 days. She eats, drinks and goes to the bathroom just fine. I am not positive whether she is running a fever becasue I haven't taken her temperature...but she does feel a little warmer to the touch then normal.... What I wanted to know this a sign of  an infection or something worse? When I stated that the mass developed all of he sudden, I mean one day she didn't have any lumps and she now has a lump the size of a golf ball? She lets me touch it but when I get close to her ear with any type of pressure she pulls away! I have 4 other cats...2 more her age and 3 dogs and have never seen anything like it. I think you in advance for any help you can offer!

She needs to go to the vet.  If she is running a fever, then it is more than likely an abscess, or an accumulation of pus under the skin, which can come up very fast.  These require drainage to remove the pus. Usually kittens get these from fight wounds. If there is no fever, then it could be an enlarged node or a salivary gland problem.

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